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MobiMates Polar Bear

Kids will love their MobiMates Polar Bear!
Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 12 inches
Weight: 15 ounces


Real Teddy Polar Bear

This is a real Teddy Polar Bear and much more. Plush Toys first pure design for multi-use as a toy and a fully functional device stand. Soft, light & plushy, only 15 oz., with no hard, sharp or moving parts. Patent Pending Arms Design. Unique design holds devices securely in place without sketetal frame work.

Universal Compatibility

Universal compatibility with all Tablets, E-Readers, Ebooks & Books. Ideal for iPad, Nabi 2, Nook, Leapfrog Tablet, Kindle Fire and more. Fits virtually all cases and covers. Center Stabilizing Log is held in place by magnetic clasps. No Snaps or Velcro!

Versatile Uses

The perfect companion for your tykes story time, the pool side, beach, travel, work, studies, game play and those suffering from arm or hand issues.

Highly Adjustable

Angles from 30-89 deg. Works at odd lateral angles. Works on ones lap, crossed legs or one leg (with good stability) & reclined positions. Arm design for natural tension to secure devicies from lateral movement, without skeletal structure. Created by a reviewer of iPhone/iPad accessories

Stable Tablet Stand

Works on most uneven surfaces using the devices own weight for incomparable stability, just place the device in the arms (see main pic), all HANDS FREE! Use as a table top stand with little foot print. (Just place on top of small objects) Designed in the US -Patented & Patent Pending-

MobiMates Polar Bear

MobiMates Polar Bear

0 to 89 degrees adjustable : MobiMates

MobiMates Polar Bear

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